Rumor: Apple prepping fix for 24″ iMac Boot Camp woes (Updated)

For many, the switch to Intel processors was just the thing to justify the purchase of a new Mac. With the ability to run Windows natively on Apple hardware, the machines suddenly became a sort of double threat. This was originally made possible not only by the switch from PowerPC to Intel processors, but also Apple's Boot Camp software that allows users to dual boot relatively easily. 老域名购买

For some users who purchased the behemoth 24" Revision A iMac, Boot Camp has never been a very viable option. An issue apparently stemming from the use of NVIDIA's MXM video technology has made many of the machines unable to run Boot Camp reliably. The Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM), is a technology that the video card manufacturer aims at the PC laptop segment. The technology is intended to provide a means for manufacturers to easily switch out video cards as new technology becomes available and to offer a variety of different configurations. After a year of incompatibility and successful and unsuccessful hardware replacements, Apple is readying a patch for the machines, according to AppleInsider.

Though the root cause of the Boot Camp issue has not been revealed, the existence of the patch confirms that the system failures can be controlled through software alone and will avoid costly repairs for the white iMacs, some of which are now beyond their free AppleCare warranty periods.

Unfortunately, a timeline is not specified. As the article points out, however, with a major OS release coming out any day now and sucking up internal resources, it could be some time before those iMac users are booting unhappily into Windows.

Editor’s note: The aluminum confusion was an editorial burp. Jeff was not responsible for the mixup between the white 24″ iMacs and aluminum iMacs. Sorry for that, guys!