Naughty Dog listens to fans, adds multiple resolutions to Drake’s Fortune

My battle to bring recognition to Naughty Dog's upcoming holiday contender Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has been going quite well. The Showdown really got the discussion started, the game is gold and the demo is coming, and we'll have our interview with copresident Christophe Balestra up in the very near future. In the mean time, though, there's some more good news to report: a recent interview with Gamespot Australia reveals that the team has been listening to forum feedback carefully and has made some changes in light of user requests, including the much-needed support for 1080i. 老域名出售

One of the nagging issues with the PS3 is that if an owner has a TV that supports 1080i and the game in question only supports 720p, the game will actually be downscaled to 480p—a significant price to pay for those who want a true HD experience. Evan Wells, Naughty Dog's other copresident, noted in the interview that a comment on the US PlayStation blog actually made the suggestion to include 1080i and, made aware of the problem, the team rectified it immediately:

So [the team] brought [the 1080i comment on the PlayStation blog] to my attention–I mean, it was kind of embarrassing that we didn't know that before—and literally within the hour we had 1080i support up to take care of all those people.

I've talked before about how I really like the level of communication that the internet allows between consumers and developers; combing the internet for potential issues and then amending the problems is a very impressive move, and I'm glad to see Naughty Dog is taking—and more importantly, using—feedback. Only one question remains: if it only took the team an hour to implement 1080i support, why doesn't every game have 1080i support?