Indie dev: consoles are a boon to PC indie titles

While some have been decrying the death of PC gaming for years now as a result of the growing impact of consoles, Paradox Interactive producer Johan Andersson has gone on the record to prove that that even niched PC-centric titles can find growth in the changing market. Andersson's small RTS title Europa Universalis has been winning some adoration of its own, and may be next in the growing roster of indie games turned mainstream triumphs. 老域名购买

"People have been saying for years that the PC market is declining; yet we've seen massive growth and success in our niched PC segment instead," Andersson explained. " I don't want to predict where PC gaming in general is going, but for us, the increase in consoles has made the market more segmented, and consequently made it easier for us to reach our target audience and vice versa."

However, Andersson does concede that he's looking towards the console and handheld world for expansion, but is doing so without compromising the core of his game's focus. "We are always open to new opportunities and there are certain platforms that lend themselves well to the type of strategy we do, handheld variants like the Nintendo DS for instance. But our main focus will always be on what we do best and to cater to our target audience and our niche."

We've heard from countless indie developers and industry leaders before that digital distribution is bringing a whole level of mainstream audience access to indie developers. Titles like Everyday Shooter, Darwinia, Aegis Wing, and similar games prove that this method of distribution can indeed work for the little guy. That said, it's even more refreshing to see that indie titles have begun to win themselves credence not just as downloadable titles, but as products capable of being released on a full-market scale.