Cornucopia of Leopard t-shirts available for launch

With Leopard dropping this week, there is no shortage of new Apple-themed apparel going on sale or being given away for free. Apple will, of course, be giving away its own shirts to the first 500 visitors in each of its stores Friday afternoon, but the thread doesn't stop there. 老域名出售

FastMac, purveyors of all manner of Mac upgrades, has announced that it will be giving away four new Leopard-themed t-shirts outside various Apple Stores on Friday from 4 to 6 pm. Three of the shirt designs are featured and available for order at a deep discount of just $7.99 at FastMac's site. The designs include geeky cultural puns like "Hasta la Vista," "Mac to the Future," "A whole new Xperience," and "300 – Madness? This is LEOPARD!," though the latter is oddly not pictured or available for order yet.

Next up is MacMerc with a couple of shirts, the first of which is called "Top Secret." This is a simple design that hones in on Leopard's original shroud of secrecy. MacMerc's second Leopard-themed t-shirt, called "Mac OS X Leopard: Time Machine," also riffs off the Back to the Future theme.

Last, but probably not least, is a set of Apple, Mac, and general tech-themed shirts that you need to vote into existence. Insanely Great Tees is back with another five shirts that it wants hopeful owners to weigh in on. The shirts that get the most clicks will go to print, and choices range from an illustrated "Any" key to a graphical timeline of Apple's first 30 product years. There are even anthropomorphized i-gadgets playing music.

With Apple's popularity showing no signs of slowing down lately, these probably won't be the only ways for Apple fans to don new threads to express their inner geeks. Who knows, maybe even Think Geek will unveil an Apple-centric shirt or two in the coming months.