Alternate Mac browsers get a bump: OmniWeb and Opera

Two Mac browsers became update buddies this week, bringing much joy to the growing contingency of Mac users who don't belong to the Firefox and Safari clubs. First, OmniWeb got a bump to version 5.6 yesterday. As noted by The Omni Mouth blog, users who have been running the sneak peeks may not be so impressed, but for everyone else, 5.6 brings a lot of welcome improvements. 苏州美睫美甲

Most importantly, OmniWeb sports a new rendering engine thanks to being based on a new version of WebKit. There are a number of WebKit-related improvements too, including the use of the WebKit icon database, improved JavaScript and plug-in performance, and improved Flash performance.

OmniWeb users can now also see inline PDFs (woohoo), spoof themselves as the iPhone's browser (useful for seeing iPhone-specific pages), and a new software update interface. The release notes for 5.6 provide all of the gory details for those interested. There's a 30-day demo for those of you who want to try it out, but otherwise the popular software runs for $14.95 new, with a $4.95 upgrade charge. Oh yeah, and OmniWeb 5.6 is Leopard-ready.

The second browser that got an update this week is Opera. Opera's update isn't Mac-only, but for all versions of the browser—Mac, Windows, Linux, Mobile, Mini—you name it, Opera's got it. The major update to Opera is that it now carries a new feature: Opera Link. This syncs all of your bookmarks with the server so that all versions of Opera have all the same stuff. No longer do you have to keep your laptop and desktop updated manually to match each other, nor do you need to remember what that one site was from your Opera-enabled phone. It's all right there, all the time.

This functionality is mirrored in a number of extensions for other browsers, such as Google Browser Sync for Firefox. But if you haven't checked out Opera in a long time (I hadn't for several years, until this morning), it might be worth a look just to see what Opera has changed over the years. Personally, I kinda' like it.